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"I found Jo’s website a few weeks after I quit my training position in emergency medicine. I felt a bit lost and overwhelmed at the massive number of options available to me. I was quite sure I wanted to stay in a career in medicine and had a vague idea of what I definitely didn’t want to do but I was anxious about making the wrong decision again and starting another career path only to find myself in the same situation.

I found my experience with Jo really useful and enjoyable. It felt very good to talk to someone completely objective who actually understood medicine and the challenges of choosing a speciality path. By the end of the conversation I already felt clearer on the direction I was headed and the initial feedback at the end of the session made me begin to feel optimistic about my future career for the first time in a while.
The written feedback was thorough and detailed with practical advice on taking the next steps to get onto the training program. I am due to start BPT in February and am confident this is the right direction for me. I highly recommend Jo’s service - it was the turning point for me to get my career back on track."

- Basic Physician Trainee, VIC

"I had a gradual but stressful realisation that clinical medicine was not for me so was very happy to find Insight Medical Consulting for career advice. I had a career path in mind but was seeking reassurance that this would be suitable for me, after a previous false start in another specialty. Jo was very easy to talk to, asked many questions about my work preferences and gave thorough feedback on my possible career choices, including what she thought would or would not suit me and reasons why. Jo’s understanding of medical training and working life as a doctor makes her advice so valuable.

My discussion with Jo reaffirmed that I am now on the right track pursuing a career in Public Health but it was also refreshing to learn about the variety of non-clinical career options available for doctors. It can sometimes feel like you are the only one looking for this. I would definitely recommend Jo to other doctors wanting unbiased guidance regarding their career direction."

- Doctor seeking advice about non-clinical options, QLD

"When I initially contacted Jo for advice, my goal was to find a new occupation outside of medicine. Due to health reasons, I had not worked in medicine for two and a half years and felt that it was going to be impossible for my career to recover.

Jo provided invaluable help with CV and interview preparation. She also gave advice on how to approach medical administration during the application process. She also made suggestions on where to apply for positions. Importantly, she didn't think it was going to be necessary to abandon medicine altogether.

Working with Jo demonstrated that she has a rare combination of experience from a variety of roles within her own career. This means that she is incredibly well placed to provide doctors with career advice. She has gone to extraordinary lengths to provide me with a pathway back to work. She brings an objective perspective to the individual's situation with a warmth and empathy that makes her very approachable. Her ability to help me return to work has gone beyond my expectations. I will consult Jo again when preparing applications for the next stage of my career."

- Doctor returning to work after extended absence, NSW

Interview Preparation

"I found the sessions very helpful for my preparation and essential before the interviews - to both hone answers for content and to optimise interview style. Each session was customised to my needs and areas of weakness and helped me to understand and develop strategies with Jo to overcome and address this. I found the service extremely invaluable, the feedback on-point and Jo easy to talk to and work through what is a complex and anxiety-inducing process."

- Successful Orthopaedic applicant, NSW

"After spending a session with Jo I felt so much more confident in my ability to face any question. I was very well informed about what was expected of me and how best to prepare. Receiving personalised feedback from Jo, who has extensive experience in the health system and recruitment process, was invaluable. I would highly recommend Insight Medical Consulting to anyone who is unsure about their career goals or how to achieve them; or anyone who feels that they could gain more cofidence in their interview skills."

- Successful Paediatrics applicant, NSW

"Jo really goes above and beyond! She not only helps with interview prep and selection criteria but is constantly supportive and gives you confidence throughout the whole process. It's so refreshing to meet someone as honest and invested in helping people as Jo! Definitely would recommend for all levels of people in their medical career."

- Orthopaedic SRMO, NSW

"Jo helped me identify and promote my strengths in a way that resonated to my current employers. i am grateful for her personalised support which has seen me gain a competitive NSW Radiology Registrar Training Program position. I found Jo's advice truly invaluable. she sits on the other side and knows what the other side wants - if she doesn't know, she knows how to find out!"

- Radiology Trainee, NSW

"A little bit of help now will go a long way to getting into the career you want to be in many years from now. The job application process is likely to occur annually for the next 5-10 years until you're a consultant. You can build on what you learned the first time you used Jo's services with each application."

- Emergency Medicine Trainee, NSW

"Jo absolutely delivers on her service promise, and I would recommend her without reservations to someone seeking guidance for the surgical entrance training (SET) program interview.

Jo guided me through a step-by-step approach on handling a variety of interview questions and assisted me in identifying my strengths and weaknesses. She has a great toolset which aided my preparation for the SET interview. As a result of our coaching process, I developed the clarity and self-confidence I needed for the SET program interview. Most importantly, by following her approach I was successfully accepted into the AOA SET program 2018.

She has a great personality, filled with warmth and genuine caring. Her insight, dedication and integrity are second to none. She is a terrific coach and speaker. Without a doubt, it was an invaluable investment for my career and for my life. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with her."

- Orthopaedic Registrar, NSW

"I had been attempting to get into medicine for a few years and was in my final year of my undergraduate degree. Till that point I had never received any interview offers, but this particular year I had received interviews at UNDS, UoN and UWS. Before contacting Insight, I had been to a couple of private interview tutors, who I found relied heavily on their own experience of their medical school interviews.

The difference with Insight is that Jo teaches you to develop good interview habits and techniques. The practise you get is specifically tailored to the school you’re applying to, and the feedback isn’t reliant on the experience of a single student. It really made me feel a lot more confident in my own abilities when my interview finally came around. After sitting the interviews, I received medical school offers at both UNDS and UWS. I highly recommend Insight if you’re looking to develop strong interview techniques and want to feel well prepared come interview day."

- Medical Student, NSW

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