How To Impress In Your Interview


You’ve been called for an interview, now how do you make sure you impress the panel and get the job? Here’s how you can show your potential employer why you would be perfect for their position.

  • Make a good first impression

Dress professionally. Be open and friendly, make eye contact with each interviewer and call them by name if you know it. Be positive and enthusiastic.

  • Be well prepared

Do your research on the position you are applying for and know the selection criteria. Think about potential questions and how you might answer them. Your aim is to be prepared but not to sound scripted or over-rehearsed.

  • Be authentic 

Your answers should be honest and as much as possible you should try to have a conversation with the interviewers rather than giving a presentation.

  • Be confident but not over-confident

Safety is paramount and the interviewers will want you to demonstrate that you can manage the role but also that you understand your limitations and would seek help appropriately.

  • Be clear about your strengths and key skills

Make a list of your professional attributes and skills and practice describing them clearly. It’s helpful to think of some examples of situations in which you have used skills such as teamwork, leadership, etc.

  • Be succinct

An interview is time-limited and you must make sure that you convey your key points at every opportunity.

  • Listen carefully

Take your time to think carefully about every question and what the interviewer wants to know. Make sure that you answer the question as it is presented and don’t try to fit one of your prepared answers if it’s not right.

  • Relax!

Nerves are inevitable but can be managed to some extent with practice. Remember that the interviewers generally want you to do well and it’s your opportunity to show them why you deserve the job. Consider learning some kind of simple relaxation technique that you can use before and during your interview.

  • Get some practice

The best way to prepare is to have an experienced interviewer ask you questions and give you feedback on both the content of your answers and your delivery. 


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