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Whether you’re choosing a specialty, applying for a training program, need support to re-enter the workforce or even thinking of leaving medicine altogether, I can help.

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Guide to Specialty Training

Training pathways for medical specialties in Australia. If you’d like personalised advice about which specialty options would best suit you or you need guidance about how to achieve your career goals.

Guide to Specialty Training


Top tips for a stand out CV

A good CV is your opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential employer and can mean the difference between getting an interview or not. It doesn’t need to be fancy or extensive, in fact less is often more when it comes to getting onto that all-important interview shortlist. So, what are the do's and don’ts of a great resume?

Top Tips


What makes a great CV?

Your CV needs to tell your potential employer what you have to offer and why you deserve an interview. But how much detail do you need? Should you include your “Outside Interests”? What about a photo? This is what I suggest you include in your CV.

What makes a great CV?


How to Impress in your interview

How do you make sure you impress the panel and get the job? Here’s how you can show your potential employer why you would be perfect for their position.

Interview Preparation


Give your career a head start

The key to career success is knowing where you’re heading, understanding what’s required and taking action now.

Career Head Start


Alternative career paths for Doctors

Throughout all our medical training there’s an assumption that most people will end up in a clinical role. But the reality is that clinical medicine is just not right for everyone. Coming to this realisation can be difficult (and admitting it is even harder!) but you deserve to have a satisfying career in a role you enjoy and feel comfortable in. There are lots of alternatives and the challenge is to narrow those down and work out which is the best for you.

Alternative Career Paths


Entry Requirements for Australian medical schools

Insight Medical Consulting offers individualised guidance to help medical students choose the best specialty option for them.

Australian Medical Students


Guide to medical school interviews

Interview Process for Medical Schools in Australia

Medical Student Interviews