With so many specialty options available, how do you choose one? And how do you know it's the right one for YOU?

“I’m in final year and all anyone talks about is how hard it is to get into any specialty.”  University of Newcastle student

As a medical student, you know all about the competition for specialty places.

And you’ve probably heard that the earlier you make up your mind about your specialty, the more likely you are to get there. Maybe you’ve already made up your mind, but how are you supposed to know if you’re really suited to that area of medicine?

And what about having a life outside of work? What would working in your chosen speciality really involve, in terms of your time commitment and personal sacrifice?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could help you sort through all the choices, find the one that’s best suited to your unique set of circumstances / preferences / personality / interests / location…and then give you everything you need to help you get there .....

I’ll give you detailed information about your chosen field, including advice about training programs and what you can do now to increase your chances of success. Once you know where you’re heading, there’s lots you can do to set yourself up.

But I understand. Money is tight and time is even tighter. When you’re already working around the clock with your study and you’re struggling to make ends meet financially, investing in a career guidance session feels like the last thing you can fit into your schedule - or your budget.

That’s why I provide a discounted student rate to make life just that little bit easier. I also keep the session we do together to a maximum of 90 minutes with all the prep and finalising done before and after we meet so you don’t get any fluff, just a solid hour and a half of strategy that will give you all the information you need.

“The report is so thorough, I really appreciate the time and thoughtful care you’ve taken in helping me consider my prospects. The whole process has been rewarding. There’s a lot for me to move forward with.” University of Western Sydney final year student


When you book your session you’ll get:
  • 90 minute consultation with me in person or on Skype
  • A detailed report outlining the best options for your particular circumstances, including specific advice about concrete next steps you can take
  • Detailed information on the specialty options, including requirements for training and “insider” information about the realities of working in those areas
  • Unlimited email support from me

Initial session 90 minutes: $440
Follow up (if needed) 60 minutes: $330

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